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Db2 Mentoring

CBI Db2 mentoring can provide a cost-efficient solution for keeping you or your employees up to date on the ever changing demands that businesses and individuals face in the Db2 world. CBI has been working with Db2 since the very first release in 1983, and we know Db2.

CBI’s mentoring program offers educational opportunities for new and experienced personnel in the field of Db2. With the experience and background CBI has in Db2 the challenges that are faced in today’s demanding and fast-paced world are much easier to confront with a mentoring program like CBI’s to help develop talent and creativity.

If you need one-on-one instruction, consider CBI’s mentoring program, which is a class with a personal instructor by your side.

This service is also available virtually. It is highly intensive, working on your Db2 subsystem or our lab machine, we step you through what you need to know from class material into Db2 with a highly experienced guide. This is a quick start approach and is available on all our classes.

For a complete list of our courses see our Classes page.

For more information call us at 1.866.224.4968 or email us.

CBI knows Db2 for z/OS, it is what we do. Give us a call today and start your Db2 for z/OS mentoring program.